About Lotto India

Lotto India is an online lottery which is available in all parts of India and other locations around the world. It was launched in June 2019 as a game that could be played throughout every state in the country, offering a giant jackpot twice a week.

An Indian Lottery You Can Trust

At a time when there is so much confusion and unreliability surrounding many Indian lotteries, Lotto India is a game you can depend on. Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday without fail, the results are announced straight away and the winning numbers will always be displayed in the same place.

There is no uncertainty about whether you can or can’t play from a particular state. It is a game for the whole of India and is simple to take part. All you need is a phone or computer and an online account.

Lotto India is fully licensed and regulated, and is run by a team that is dedicated to bringing you a game you can rely on. You’ll be notified if you win a prize and paid promptly and in full. Even if you win the jackpot, the verification process is straightforward. Lotto India has been creating winners every week since it was established.

12,000+ Winners Created
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As a regulated game, you can be assured that the integrity of Lotto India is always maintained. Our players are always protected as fairness and transparency are cornerstones of the service provided.

How Lotto India Works

Whenever you enter any lottery, you need to know that the draws are fair, honest and random. At Lotto India, a standard procedure is followed to select the winning numbers every Tuesday and Friday.

The results are generated by a randomised computer system, in the same way as many other lotteries around the world, rather than a traditional draw which uses ball machines. This system is known as a Random Number Generator (RNG).

The RNG used by Lotto India is set up to select the winning numbers totally at random and is regularly tested to ensure it is working properly, so every single combination of numbers has an identical chance of being generated as the winning set.

As the RNG is a computer-based electronic system, there is no Lotto India video or live stream of the numbers being selected. The results are generated at Lotto HQ and verified by external auditors. Time stamps are also used on draws for extra security, showing when the numbers have been announced.

RNGs are used by many international lottery companies. In the USA, for example, around half of the state lotteries utilise RNGs for some or all of their draw games. Systems are designed, built and maintained by the finest lottery technology companies in the world, and are rigorously audited and tested.

Among the US states that use RNGs are Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and Tennessee. They are also used in many other countries, including Canada, Mexico and South Africa.

Lotto India Headquarters

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