A Guide to Choosing Lucky Lotto India Numbers

Picking numbers to play on Lotto India is quite a personal thing. Everyone has their own ideas on what might give them more of a chance to win that ₹3.93 crore jackpot, but no system or preference has been more popular than using numbers of spiritual significance in lottery entries. So which lucky numbers could help you win the jackpot, and which numbers should you avoid? 

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Lucky and Unlucky Lottery Numbers

It is no secret that the number 8 is an unlucky number. The reasons for this lie with Vedic numerology, which ascribes the number to Saturn. Saturn represents Shani, an inauspicious deity said to bring about sorrow and ill will in certain situations. For this reason, you may want to avoid using this number in your Lotto India panels altogether, in case it prevents you from winning any prize at all. 

The number 13 is also well-known for its significance, this time as a lucky number - despite being seen as a bad omen across the western hemisphere. The 13th lunar day of each month in the Vikram Samvat calendar is called Trayodashi; Diwali begins on Trayodashi in the month of Karthik. Trayodashi is also the day on which Pradosh Vrat falls each Paksa, or lunar fortnight, where Shiva’s blessings are invoked via fasting.

The number 13 could be instrumental to your Lotto India success, though there are several ways you could benefit from its auspiciousness. As well as choosing the number itself, you could choose numbers that add up to 13 and bring their own blessings.

According to Vedic numerology, the numbers 7 and 6 represent perseverance and responsibility respectively – good omens for your potential Lotto India success. You could also choose the constituent numbers of 13 – 1 and 3 – with 3 representing optimism, and 1 carrying its own cultural significance…

Tradition and Lotto India Numbers

The number 1 is considered to represent a number of things: wealth; plenty; the indivisible bond between family. The number’s significance is largely due to its relationship with the much less favourable number 0 – a relationship that starts with religion, and leads to social traditions kept for centuries.

Firstly, 0 is a sacred Hindu number, representing Nirguna Brahman - a formless entity, often considered a bridge between worlds. As a result, 0 signifies an “end” to corporeal being, which can have negative connotations for things such as wealth and age. As a result, sums of money offered to deities will often end in 1: ₹51 rather than ₹50, or ₹201 rather than ₹200. These offerings are known as “shaguns”, or good blessings.

This tradition has spilled over into secular and social interactions, too. Monetary gifts to others for birthdays and special events follow the same “shagun” rule, but with a number of different explanations. For some, a round sum of money is for expenditure or saving, while the single rupee on top is considered a “seed” from which future wealth can flourish. For others, the “shagun” is symbolic - gifting a married couple a sum of rupees ending in 1 symbolises their shared, indivisible bond.

How could these numbers help your Lotto India chances? Avoiding choosing numbers that end in 0 could protect you from missing out on a prize, while focusing on the number 1 could be the “seed” that grows your Lotto India ticket into a ₹3.93 crore jackpot

The idea of the indivisible bond can also apply to the aforementioned number 13; it is a prime number, indivisible by any number but itself, and the number 1. Interestingly, 13 is also the smallest “emirp” - a prime number which, when written backwards, results in a different prime number. In this case, 13 written backwards gives 31, which could be another useful number to consider when purchasing a Lotto India entry.

Hot and Cold Lotto India Numbers

If you are more interested in a mathematical approach than a spiritual one, you might prefer to base your Lotto India numbers on statistics. Using Lotto India’s Hot and Cold Numbers tool can show you which Lotto India numbers have come up the most or least, as well as which ones have come up most recently, and which ones are most overdue. You can use these statistics to create a system of numbers to enter in upcoming draws; do you think a popular number will appear again in the next draw, or is an overdue number more likely to be drawn?

Ultimately, no one lottery number is more or less likely to come up than any other. Every combination of numbers that could show in a Lotto India draw has an equal chance of appearing. Whichever way you choose Lotto India numbers, you don’t have to worry about remembering your numbers, or your ticket for that matter; Lotto India draws take place online, meaning no physical tickets are required. Winnings are deposited straight into your online account automatically if you win. You can also subscribe so you’ll never miss a draw! 

Lotto India draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 05:30PM IST – learn more with our How to Play guide.

Published: Friday, July 5, 2019