What Could You Do With a ₹10 Crore Lotto India Jackpot?

How would you spend ₹10 crore? That’s how much you could win in Lotto India’s first ever draw, set to take place on June 14. 

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To celebrate the start of this brand new lottery, we’re holding a social media competition which offers you the opportunity to win a free entry to the Bumper Draw, and a chance of becoming the first Lotto India crorepati.

Simply visit our social media channels and tell us how you would spend that amount of money – here are some suggestions to get you started.

Life In the Fast Lane

A new car is a popular choice for hopeful lottery winners the world over, and often the first major purchase made by newly-minted crorepatis. Whether you want a luxury Range Rover for travelling in style or a sporty new Ferrari, ₹10 crore would get you the car of your dreams. You could even build your own track to race it on.

It is estimated that you could build your own racetrack for less than ₹2 crore, leaving you ₹8 crore to buy a brand new supercar. For that you could get one of the fastest cars in the world, such as a Ferrari Enzo or a McLaren F1. If you wanted someone else to race against, you could go a step further and buy two Lamborghini Aventadors. 

Around the World in ₹10 Crore

Another option for Lotto India fans could come in the form of a plane ticket. What would be better than an extended trip around the world, and how luxurious a holiday could you get with a ₹10 crore jackpot?

Tickets for a month-long round-the-world package holiday, including a tailor-made itinerary and some travelling expenses, start at an average of R₹4.7 lakh per person. That’s just a tiny fraction of the Lotto India Bumper Draw jackpot, meaning you could travel around the world four times, with five family members in tow, and still have 90 percent of your jackpot left over for souvenirs.

For travelling in the utmost style and comfort, why not hire your own private jet? At less than ₹0.5 lakh per flying hour, a seven-city round the world trip in a private jet would cost around ₹25 lakh.

Buy a House

A new house – whether for themselves, or for family and loved ones – is at the top of the list for many winners. Safety, security and comfort come first for most people, even when faced with a ₹10 crore bumper jackpot. Still, with that kind of money you can pay special attention to the “comfort” part.

Just ₹6 crore of that Lotto India jackpot could buy you a three bed, three bathroom apartment in Central Delhi, or you could move to the coast and buy a 5000 sq.ft beach house for ₹5.6 crore. If you really felt like splashing out, though, you could buy yourself a massive 7500 sq.ft luxury home in Tamil Nadu for ₹9.5 crore.

Produce Your Own Movie

Maybe you have aspirations to be a movie star, or how about making your very own blockbuster? How far could a ₹10 crore budget stretch on the silver screen?

The 1975 film Sholay is widely considered to be one of the most successful Indian films of all time; it grossed ₹35 crore in the box office, making it the highest-grossing Indian film in history (adjusting for inflation). It was filmed over two years, on a modest budget of ₹3 crore. If a Lotto India jackpot could finance three Sholays, what’s stopping you from filming a masterpiece?

Looking Out for Others

Charitable causes are by far and away the most popular choice for lottery winners, and most who come into a large sum of money look for ways they can benefit the needy. That might be the opening of an animal sanctuary, the funding of local NGOs, or the building of homes and care centres for the elderly.

Whichever way your charitable streak takes you, ₹10 crore is more than enough to provide lasting help and care where it’s needed in your local community. It’s impossible to put a price on kindness.

Lotto India Bumper Draw Competition

Feeling inspired by our suggestions? Don’t miss out on the Lotto India Bumper Draw Competition, where there’s a chance to win a free entry to the first Lotto India draw on June 14. All you need to do is:

You can only enter once on each social media platform, but you can enter on all three to increase your chances of winning a free entry. The competition ends on June 11 at 06:00 PM IST, so don’t delay – take your chance to become a crorepati today.

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Published: Friday, June 7, 2019
Updated: Friday, June 7, 2019