What We Learned From The Lotto India Bumper Draw

Lotto India has launched with its first draw, putting a bumper jackpot of €1.3 million (₹10 crore up) up for grabs. Find out what happened in the draw, how a Lotto-India.com competition helped many players to enter for free and what else we learned.

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Lucky Numbers

The winning numbers for the draw on Friday, June 14, 2019 were 7, 20, 33, 36, 43 and 49, with Joker Ball 4. You have to select five main numbers from 1 to 50 to play Lotto India, so the first winning line was well spread out throughout the entire range.

The Joker Ball is drawn from a separate pool of five numbers, so it is possible for the same number to appear twice on one day, as both a main ball and the Joker Ball. The Hot and Cold Numbers page will provide detailed statistics and show whether the numbers from the first draw turn out to be consistently lucky.

Lucky Players

Every Lotto India draw gives you the chance to win prizes just for matching the Joker Ball, or at least two main numbers. It costs €0.50 (₹39) per entry, but Lotto-India.com ran a special giveaway to mark the first draw so that some players could take part for free.

Go to the Competitions page to see all the winners, including quotes about what they would do if they won the big jackpot.

Easy To Play

As an online lottery, Lotto India is easy to play regardless of where you live. The first draw showed just how simple it is to take part, with participants from all over India entering via their phones, computers or tablets.

You can play from countries all over the world, just by choosing your numbers and deciding how many draws to enter. You can even subscribe for three months to make sure you never miss a draw. Ticket sales always close at 04:50 PM IST on draw days, ten minutes before the winning numbers are selected.

When you play Lotto India, your numbers are stored safely in your online account so there is no danger of them being lost or stolen. You won’t ever miss out on a prize because you will always be sent an email if you win to notify you.

Big Bumper Draw Jackpot

A Bumper Draw was held to celebrate the start of Lotto India, with a jackpot of €1.3 million (₹10 crore). It didn’t matter how many entries there were for the draw; that top prize was guaranteed. You have to match all five main numbers plus the Joker Ball to win the jackpot.

Bumper Draws are only held from time to time, in conjunction with special events or just to give players an opportunity to win more than the regular jackpot. The top prize for the next game after a Bumper Draw always resets to the usual €500,000 (₹3.9 crore).

Beginning of a New Era

Lotto India draws will now be held every Tuesday and Friday at 05:00 PM IST. Whether you entered the first draw or not, you can try your luck next time out to see if you can become a big winner.

Whether you have a favourite set of numbers or would prefer to use a random selection, you can use the ticket generator to create your next entry.

Published: Friday, June 14, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, June 18, 2019