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Check your Lotto India numbers to find out if you have the jackpot. There are a couple of ways you can check your six numbers - either select them from a grid or type them in. Switch between the two methods by selecting the 'Input Mode' button on the right-hand side of the checker.

The Checker also allows you to select the time period you wish to view, and whether you want to look at the results from Tuesday draws, Fridays draws or both. Select the ‘Check Results’ button when you are ready. You will be shown which winning numbers you have matched in draws from your chosen time period, as well as the value of any prizes you have won. Select 'Add Line' to check more than one set of numbers at a time, or ‘Reset Checker’ to start again.

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Please note: The results of this checker do not act as proof that you have won a Lotto India prize. You must have a valid entry for the draw in question to be able to claim any prizes. Find out more on the Claim Your Prize page.