Draw Mechanism

Lotto-India.com has a certified RNG (Random Number Generator) solution implemented in a secure and reliable environment which allows the company to develop, manage, and support a variety of games in the Lottery industry and keep compliant with the required standards of the various gaming jurisdictions, as well as the Insurers that back the games.

When the draw is held, the numbers are randomly drawn from the RNG device and, through a secure and safe integration, are transferred to the Lotto-India.com backoffice which then publishes the results on the website

Lotto India RNG

Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) have the advantage over conventional randomness sources of being invulnerable to environmental perturbations and of allowing live status verification. The operation of the Quantis QRNG is continuously monitored and if a failure is detected the random bit stream is immediately disabled. In addition, unlike PRNGs which need to accumulate external entropy, the Quantis Appliance provides full entropy (randomness) instantaneously from the very first bit.

The quantum mechanical processes underlying the QRNG is well understood and characterised, and the quantum optics process itself is totally transparent if anyone wishes to check. The device has been certified by leading commercial and government entities, from the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS certificate), to the French ANSSI in accordance with the German BSI’s AIS31 validation criteria.

Once the winning numbers are published, the reconciliation process begins where all the lines that were securely locked in the third party database are checked, and winners identified.  A review process is conducted by several departments within LMO, and once confirmed, the winnings are distributed to the accounts of the players.

Only after the winnings are fully distributed, the draw is officially closed.

Lotteries using RNGs

The use of RNGs for lottery results is widespread with all but the oldest established lotteries such as Powerball, Euromillions and Megammillions using similar mechanisms. This is becasue encryption is more secure for players than the potential for slight of hand in so-called "live draws".

For example, all of the following lotteries use RNG machines to generate their results:

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