To win a Lotto India prize, you have to match your chosen numbers with those that appear in the draw. Match just the Joker Ball to win the Free Bet Bonus; match all six numbers and the Joker Ball to win the jackpot. The table below shows what prizes you can win, as well as the odds for each tier.

Lotto India is having to temporarily close down so that we can make improvements to the biggest National Lottery in India can be made, with the last draw taking place on Tuesday 31st October. If you have deposited funds to play then please make sure to remove them from your account as soon as possible, and check back here for further updates.

Lotto India Prizes
Prize Level Prize* Odds
Match 6 + Joker BallMatch 6 + Joker Ball ₹4 Crore 1 in 79,453,500
Match 6 Match 6 ₹7,50,000 1 in 19,863,375
Match 5Match 5 ₹80,000 1 in 75,240
Match 4Match 4 ₹4,000 1 in 1,400
Match 3Match 3 ₹400 1 in 75
Match 2Match 2 ₹40 1 in 10
Match 0 + Joker BallMatch 0 + Joker Ball Free Bet Bonus 1 in 5
Overall odds of winning a prize: 1 in 3
Overall odds of winning a Free Bet Bonus: 1 in 5

Prize Information

Lotto India's prize structure is kept simple to make it possible for you to win a substantial jackpot at a low cost. You can find further information about prizes below:

Check out the Claiming Prizes page if you've already won a prize and want to know what to do next.