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Take the chance to win a jackpot worth at least ₹1 Lakh by playing Lotto India today. You could even win up to ₹10 Lakh when special Bumper Draws are held. It's the largest free online Indian lottery ever, not to mention the first of its kind: a national lottery for Indian people on every continent. Lotto India draws take place at 6:00 PM every Tuesday and Friday. To find out more, visit the How to Play page.

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1 Lakh
Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Why Play the Lottery Online?

Entering online is much quicker and more convenient than purchasing a paper ticket from a retailer, and you can do it from home or on the go. Here are some of the biggest benefits to playing online lotteries:


The numbers you pick are kept safe in your online account – you’ll never have to worry about losing a ticket.


You’ll receive an automatic email every time you win a prize, so you’ll never miss a win again!


You can log in to your account from your phone, computer, or tablet, and you don't need a lottery card.


Get your entries quickly and easily online; no more queuing for tickets at your local mom-and-pop store.